Three political parties file in nominations in Mulungushi Ward

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—Three political parties yesterday successfully filed in their nominations for the position of Mulungushi Ward Councillor at Bombwe Primary School.

United Party for National Development (UPND) was the first to file through Mildred Kamwefu at 10:00hrs while Patriotic Front (PF) fielded in George Ntimpa at 12:00hrs and Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) floated Richard Banda at 14:00hrs.

Speaking shortly after nominations, Patriotic Front District Chairman, Dutton Mumba said election results in Mulungushi ward were going to be a determining factor for the future of the PF in Chisamba.

Mr Mumba said despite Chisamba being a stronghold for the opposition, PF was determined to win the seat and would go an extra mile to ensure that it does not go to the opposition.

He said the by election was very important to the party because it would open a way for the Patriotic Front.

He disclosed that party structures in the ward were intact and well organized, adding that people were ready for change.

The chairman also revealed that 50 people from UPND and MMD had already defected to the ruling party.

Mr Mumba said PF would take advantage of the wrangles in UPND to win the seat, arguing that the PF was the only party capable of taking development to Bombwe.

And PF aspiring candidate, George Ntimpa, said he was determined to address water, security, and health care related problems in the area.

Mr Ntipa said once voted into office, he would lobby the government to build more clinics in the area.

And UPND aspiring candidate, Mildred Kamwefu, boasted that as far as UPND was concerned, the party was unopposed.

Ms Kamwefu said she was only continuing from where Robson Chilobe had left adding that no political party would march the support that UPND had in the area.

She said once voted into office, UPND would ensure that it lobbies for more bags of fertilizer for women because most homes were female-headed.

She stressed that piggery, poultry and livestock development was top on the party’s agenda.

And MMD aspiring candidate, Richard Banda, expressed confidence to scoop the seat, adding that he decided to stand because the previous councillors had failed the people.

Mr Banda said that once voted into power, he would lobby government for boreholes, good roads and a clinic.

Mr Banda, however, denied allegations by UPND aspiring candidate, Mildred Kamwefu, who claimed that MMD was not contesting the seat but would support UPND.

The by election is slated for 19th August, 2014 following the death of UPND Councillor Robson Chilobe.