Freedom fighter urged govt to open Trust Fund for their up-keep

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—-Concerned freedom fighters and some of their surviving family members have called on government to set up a fund that would look after their welfare.

Nakonde based freedom fighter, Felix Makungwa, says government should set up a Trust Fund that would look after all freedom fighters in the country.

Mr Makungwa said in an interview with ZANIS in Nakonde today that the freedom that was being enjoyed in the country today came with the bloodshed of most freedom fighters.

He said it was saddening that most freedom fighters in the country were living in disarray and despondence.

He added that just like the general members of the public need their basic human rights like food, shelter and jobs, so too do the freedom fighters need their basic needs to be met.

And widow of the late freedom fighter Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Salome, echoed the need for the fund.

Mrs Kapwepwe said it was sad that most of her colleagues in Chinsali distict and the country as a whole felt neglected by their own country.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS at her home in Chinsali, Mrs Kapwepwe said government should set up a Trust Fund for freedom fighters if the welfare of freedom fighters were to be catered for well.

She advised government to set up a task force that would visit neighbouring countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe which she said had set up a Trust Fund for its many freedom fighters.

She said through the Trust Fund, the somewhat lost dignity and honour the former freedom fighters in the country rightfully deserve could be rekindled.

In Isoka District, Brian Sichinga has also echoed the need for government to set up the Trust Fund.

Mr Sichinga said poverty was hitting women freedom fighters in the area hard.

The retired civil servant during UNIP era said government should learn from Zimbabwe in how it looks after its freedom fighters and their surviving family members.

He said Zimbabwe looks after her freedom fighters well through the Trust Fund which he said the Zambian government should emulate.

And late freedom Fighter Kapasa Makasa’s grandson, Ryan Chisha, added his voice to the issue.

Mr Chisha told ZANIS in an interview at his late grandfather’s farm house that government should realise that most freedom fighters were dying like poppers despite their great sacrifice to the nation’s liberation.

He said through the Trust Fund freedom fighters and their family members could have a chance to live honourably and dignified.