ZAWA deploys officers to control hyenas

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-The Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has deployed officers to control hyenas that have been spotted in Lunyika area of Chipata district in the eastern province.


According to a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today by ZAWA Communications and Public Relations Officer Mwila Muliyunda the officers were dispatched two weeks ago following reports of hyenas being spotted in Lunyika area.


Ms Muliyunda disclosed  that  one hyena had since been caught and controlled.


She said ZAWA was facing a challenge in tracing the whereabouts of the hyenas as they are constantly on the move.


According to ZAWA, Lunyika is located close to the Malawi boarder where the terrain is very hilly making it difficult to find them.


Ms Muliyunda said ZAWA suspects that the animals might have crossed the border into Malawi making it difficult for the officers to trace them as its mandate ends at the Zambian side of the border.


However, ZAWA has since re-assured the residents and Chief Mpenzeni that the officers are already on the ground and were doing everything possible to control the situation.