Kalumbila relatives to receive compassionate fees for reburial of relatives

Musele Nkisu Taskforce, Kalumbila
Musele Nkisu Taskforce, Kalumbila

Kalumbila Minerals in Solwezi will pay about K2 million as compassionate fee to families whose ancestral graves will be exhumed to pave way for mining operations.

Musele Ward Councillor, Olix Kakwata, confirmed to ZANIS in an interview in Solwezi that the mine will pay K6, 000 to the next of king of the affected families for each grave that will be exhumed.

Councillor Kakwata explained that about 200 old graves out of the 360 identified graves that are lying within the mining surface rights will be exhumed and reburied in the existing burial sites within Senior Chief Musele’s chiefdom.

He said the rest of the graves will be fenced and lay tombstones on them.

The compassionate fee is meant to caution the costs that the families will incur to rebury the remains of their ancestors following the relocation of villages in the area to pave way for mining operations.

A comment from Kalumbila mine management failed as they could not be reached by mobile phone by press time.


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