The move taken by the Anti-Corruption Commission to probe PF Mongu Central Member of Parliament and North Western Provincial Minister Honourable Nathaniel Mubukwanu is a very welcome move.


Honestly how can our country develop if our very own ministers who hold such important positions are in the forefront of stealing money? If the minster is found wanting, the law must take its course without any delay.


However, as NAREP youths, we wish to caution the Anti-Corruption Commission that issues of corruption involving government officials must not be handled selectively. We say so because there have been so many revelations from the Auditor General’s report citing so many irregularities in different ministries and the ministry of youth, sports and child development is one of the ministries cited in the latest Auditor General’s report.


We don’t know how far the Anti-Corruption Commission has gone in probing Honourable Kambwili concerning the advert that was published in the Daily Mail a few months ago congratulating him for the degree he obtained at Copperstone University. The minister involved was not suspended while others in the past were fired even before the investigations could take place. So we tend to wonder as to how independent the Anti-Corruption Commission is. It is clear that under the PF government, the Anti-Corruption Commission has been used as a rubber stamp in intimidating those that have fallen from the PF favour and those with a different view from them.


There have been so many ministers who have been accused of being involved in corrupt practices but the Anti-Corruption Commission has not moved in to probe the ministers. Some ministers have been probed but nothing positive has come out. Stop hoodwinking Zambians we want see results not political gymnastics.


If the public is to have confidence in the ACC, the commission must be impartial in the way they carry out their duties at all times. Whoever is involved in corruption must be dealt with regardless of their political belonging. The ACC must always work independently and not allow anyone to intimidate them. We want to see the PF allergy to corruption being exhibited now.


We call on His Excellency, President Michael Sata to immediately suspend the honourable minister in question and pave way for proper investigation because there is no way we can have a minister who is being probed for corruption in office. We also urge the general public to report anyone involving in corruption.


We also send a warning to anyone involved in corruption even within investigative wings of government to stop their evil deeds because the wrong doings will soon catch up with them.



Bwalya Nondo

Youth League Secretary General

National Restoration Party (NAREP)

9 July 2014