Cement producers urged to reduce price

Lafarge cement
Lafarge cement

GOVERNMENT has challenged cement manufacturing companies in the country to consider reducing the price of the product.
Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Bob Sichinga said in Ndola that cement companies, both existing and those emerging on the market, should consider lowering the price of the product.
The minister was speaking during the launch of the Timange Portland limestone cement by Zambezi Portland Cement at the company’s stand during the Zambia International Trade Fair.
“It is important that the industry, not only yourselves as Zambezi Portland Cement, but also beyond those coming onto the market now, that not only should we maintain the standards, we should now start thinking of lowering the cost and make it more affordable,” he said

He said Government, in terms of fulfilling the Patriotic Front (PF) manifesto on developing the country, is seeking the construction of power stations in Luapula and North-Western provinces. He also revealed the floating of a tender for the construction of a dam in Batoka on the Zambezi River.
He said Government has always emphasised the importance of originating products and adding value to support construction sub-sector.
Mr Sichinga said before accepting to officiate at the Timange function, he asked the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZBS) to ensure the product being launched was of high quality.
ZBS director-general Emmanuel Mutale assured the nation that the cement meets international standards, as it conforms to ISO 9001 standards.
And ZPC chief executive officer Peter Kanaganayagam said the Timange cement is a high quality product which has been launched at a reduced price to make it affordable.
“So people have the option of more than one product for their construction needs and, hopefully, within the next 12 months, we should be able to launch a third product and that is planned to give the Zambian people a variety of products to choose from for various construction industries,” Mr Kanaganayagam said.

Zambia Daily Mail