Sinazongwe enjoys safe, adequate drinking water

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—-Sinazongwe District Council Secretary, Embassy Cheembo, says there is tremendous progress in the provision of increased accessibility to safe and clean water to communities in the district.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS at his office in Sinazongwe Mr Cheembo said Sinazongwe district had been given K895,000.00 for drilling 25 boreholes by the Ministry of Local Government and Housing through the department of Housing and Infrastructural Development.

He said the move is meant to increase accessibility to safe and clean water amongst community members in the District.

Mr Cheembo said the money was meant for siting, installation and construction of the boreholes which had already been commenced by contractors that had been engaged to do the work.

He said Geotech Drilling was one of the contractors that had been engaged and was given Lot Two under which it was expected to site, drill and construct eight boreholes in Namazambwe, Mabinga, Nangombe and Sinenge wards.

The Council Secretary disclosed that Geotech Drilling had since finished the siting, drilling, pump testing and all civil works and was currently dealing with installations.  

He said the other contractor engaged was Simplex Drilling Limited that had been allocated with Lots One and Three under which it was expected to site, drill, install and construct eight boreholes and nine boreholes per respective lot.

Mr Cheembo said Simplex Drilling Limited undertook 17 boreholes altogether in Nkandabwe, Malima, Maamba, Mweenda, Mweemba, Tekeelo and Nangombe wards.

He said the contractor had finished siting all the 17 boreholes and was currently doing civil works and installations.

Mr Cheembo said the district council was impressed with the work that had been done by the two contractors, adding that the boreholes will go a long way in alleviating the suffering of the local people by providing them with safe and clean water for both drinking and other important usage.

The Council Secretary also commended other cooperating partners such as World Vision Zambia and Sinazongwe Area Development Program (ADP) for supplementing government’s efforts in the provision of safe and clean water to communities in the district.

He said World Vision Zambia had been instrumental in alleviating the suffering of the people through working hand in hand with government departments including the District Council in Sinazongwe.


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