Chitambo youths called to have vision for future

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—-Chitambo District Commissioner, David Kaseba, has called on youths to value education and have a vision for their future in order to live happy and independent lives.

Speaking when he officiated at a community event organized by the Restless Development Volunteers, Mr Kaseba said education plays a pivotal role in the development of any nation.

The event, which was held under the theme: ‘The importance of education’ was characterized by music, poetry, drama and dance from pupils and pre-school children.

He said at independence the education levels in the country were very poor and most senior positions in the country were held by whites.

“At independence, the education in this country was very poor. The white man held most senior positions but today things have changed for the better due to the availability of education in our country,” he said.

Mr Kaseba thanked the UNIP, MMD and PF governments for the roles they have played in the development of education in the country and for the importance they have placed in the education sector.

He said education provides knowledge and leadership other than providing professionalism hence the reason the country has doctors, nurses, pastors and even ministers.

“Education provides professionalism that is why you are able to see pastors, doctors, nurses and even ministers. Without education, it would have been impossible to have such professionals around our country,” he said.

He urged parents, guardians and community workers to give full support to the youth and vulnerable children in the community and mentor them to become educated and self-reliant citizens.

He said parents should Endeavour to provide good and quality education to their children to adequately prepare them for the future.

And Restless Development team leader, Sophie Woods, said it is important for youths in Zambia to engage in school and attain a good education.

She expressed happiness at the response the event received and thanked the schools, stakeholders and other members of the community for their support and participation.

The Restless Development volunteers are a team of three or four people who visit different communities in the country for a period of three months and their main focus is to teach sexual reproductive health, livelihood and employment and civic participation to communities in which they camp.

There are about 1,000 volunteers in different parts of the country and about 40 of them are international volunteers.