Tribal politicians must be rejected – Kabimba

Tribal politicians must be rejected – Kabimba

Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone
Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone
MINISTER of Justice Wynter Kabimba says tribal politicians must be rejected.
Officiating at the Kazanga traditional ceremony yesterday, Kabimba said politicians whose only strategy was to win votes must not be given space in Zambian politics.
He said the only basis on which the country could develop was when leaders like President Michael Sata saw all people as one nation.
“I urge you compatriots to work as one family and reject tribal or regional politics. I urge you to reject politicians whose only strategy is to win your votes, support, by pitting you against tribes from other regions. They will do this by creating in you false feelings that whatever hardships you may be encountering are as a result of one tribe or the other working against you,” he said.
Kabimba said Western Province like other provinces needed peace and harmony to foster development.
He said it was important that the ‘One Zambia, One Nation slogan’ was upheld.
“The country faces numerous economic difficulties resulting from many years of decline. Again, these are matters that require patriotism and commitment to address. It is a lie for anyone to come to you and claim that they can provide quick fixes to an economy that has suffered decades of deterioration, ” he said.
Kabimba said the government had embarked on important steps required to fix the economy countrywide.
He said the PF was doing what previous government’s had not done for a long time.
Kabimba said although it would take a bit of time, the PF was making progress.
He said in Western Province alone, the government was working on road infrastructure that included the completed Senanga-Sesheke Road.
Others are Kaoma- Kasempa Road and the Katunda-Watopa Road, which would be upgraded to bituminous standard, and work on the Mongu-Kalabo Road was underway.
Kabimba said the government was constructing eight health centers spread across Nkeyema, Kaoma and Luampa districts.
He said the government was in the process of converting the old Kaoma district hospital into a nursing school.
Kabimba said the government had released K500, 000 for the construction of three chiefs’ palaces in the province for the first phase which included chief Chiengele, chief Kahare and chief Ananga’nga Imwiko.
Kabimba said national development entailed concerted efforts of all citizens.
“In this regard, the Patriotic Front manifesto recognises the important role which your royal highnesses should play in partnership with the government. As a government, we shall always depend on your support and goodwill to enable us build the unity and spirit of common purpose which is important to drive this national agenda,” Kabimba said.
Kabimba said to achieve national development, there was need to guard land as one of the central factors of production.
He said the government had noticed the displacement of local communities by both foreign and local investors.
Kabimba said this shouldn’t be allowed and that the government and chiefs had a duty to protect Zambians from displacement.
“The Patriotic Front is a people’s government and whatever we do must be done to promote the interest and general welfare of the ordinary citizens. Our development agenda must be people centered and the people take ownership of all the development projects in our districts. As government, we shall desist from being engaged in politicking or political rhetoric which diverts us from rendering service to the people,” said Kabimba.
He added that the PF was still committed to its 2011 election premises.


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  1. Kabimba’s statement is off mark! Kazanga traditional ceremony or any ceremony for that matter does not call for campaign politicking as it is showcasing richness of tribal culture and is educative!