Woman gives up on her run-away hubby

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

AFTER waiting for her husband who deserted home, a woman has finally given up hope of his return following seven months of sexual starvation.
Before Justices Lewis Mumba and Precious Kalyelye was Mercy Siwale who said it has been a year since her husband deserted her although once in a while he would visit to see their children.
Mercy, 29, of Chipata Township said she has been waiting for Derrick Siwale 33 of Chipata Overspill to come back home only to hear he has married another woman who is expecting his child.
This was heard in the Matero Local Court in a case where Mercy sued her husband, Siwale, for divorce.
The mother of two, who said the duo have been married for six years, also said Siwale does not even support their children.
Mercy told the court she has decided to sue Siwale so that the court could order him to pay child maintenance.
But in his statement, Siwale dismissed the allegation that he deserted his family.
He narrated to the court that before he married Mercy, he told her he had a child only to be surprised after they tied the knot that she did not want his son.
Siwale said the presence of his child in their home became a thorny issue in their marriage with Mercy saying she did not want his child.
“She said she would be beating the boy whenever I was away,” he lamented.
He said his older sister tried to help the two resolve the problem but to no avail, adding that this led to Mercy giving Siwale an ultimatum that if the child stayed, she would leave their home.
Siwale said when he tried to reason with her she fainted after which she broke communication for a month.
He also said seeing that their relationship had become sour, he decided to start staying at his place of work in Ibex Hill and would only go to see his family once in a while.
Siwale said he is in favour of divorce as their marriage has broken down irretrievably.
The court granted divorce and ordered Siwale to compensate Mercy with a fee of K4,000.

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