Msiska clears speculation on Kabimba’s appointment as acting President

Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone
Wynter M. Kabimba with Pathfinders Camporee in Livingstone

Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska says President Michael Sata signed the Instrument of Delegation of the functions of President in appointing Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba as acting President, clearing speculation surrounding the appointment.

Dr Msiska who as Secretary to the Cabinet is charged with the responsibility to perform such constitutional functions, has told QFM News in a statement that President Sata signed the instrument of delegation of the functions of President on Friday, 20th June,2014 and complied with the Law in all respects before his departure for Israel.

Dr Msiska says appointment was published through Gazette Notice No.385 of 2014 dated 27th June 2014.

The Secretary to the Cabinet hopes that the speculation over the matter will now be put to rest.

Meanwhile Chief Government Spokesperson Joseph Katema has challenged people questioning the legitimacy of acting President Wynter Kabimba to read the constitution and see whether there is any illegality in his appointment.

Dr Katema has told QFM News in an interview in response to growing speculation that power might not have been handed over properly, that the constitution is clear on the transfer of power for someone to act as President.

Dr Katema says only the republican President can appoint someone qualified to act as President from among members of the Cabinet while he is away.

There has been growing speculation questioning the delegation of Presidential powers to Mr Kabimba.



  1. So what was difficult for Msiska to give the aster when the query was raised but he referred it to govt spokesman! Pa Zambia napo pali ubwafya!