Govt reiterates commitment to good governance

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Govt reiterates commitment to good governance


Namwala   Jul 1/14,ZANIS, Namwala District Commissioner, Gevar Nsanzya, says  government is committed to ensuring that good governance remains the cornerstone for prudent management of  public affairs and ensuring that development outcomes benefit the people of Zambia.


Mr Nsanzya was speaking at a workshop for Citizen Voice and Actions (CVA) organised by World Vision Zambia at Brichi Motel in Namwala.


Mr Nsanzya said in the Sixth National Development Plan (SNDP) of 2011-2015, the government has illustrated its commitment to enhancing intergrity, accountability and transparency in public and private bodies and promoting of human rights.


The Namwala District Commissioner added that the concept of Citizen Voice Action is very important because it promotes team work and that once team work is enhanced it is easy to provide checks and balances.


He thanked World Vision for coming up with an approach of Citizen Voice Action whose primary approach is at community level.


This Citizen Voice Action is a methodology which aims to improve dialogue between communities and government in order to improve services that impact the daily lives of children and their families.


The Namwala DC noted that government is supportive of this right approach to citizen participation because it contributes to the enhancement of good governance, transparency and accountability by not only the government but also among other players in the development journey of our country.


Mr Nsanzya said there is little government can do without involvement of its people hence the importance of the CVO concept.


The DC observed that Zambia is a signatory to many international instruments and mechanisms such as the African Peer Review (APRM) that seek to promote and re-enforce high standards of governance.


One of the focus areas of the APRM for example is democracy and good political governance which allows the citizenry to participate in the development dispensation of the member states of the African Union.


Mr Nsanzya pointed out that the government is committed to ensuring that the aspirations of the mechanisms such as the APRM are actualised.