Parliamentarians urged to work with media

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Speaker of the National Assembly, Patrick Matibini, has urged Parliamentarians to explore ways of effectively working with the media in order to ensure that issues that are discussed in Parliament reach the public.

Dr Matibini says the information which Parliament discusses can only reach the public if the media is engaged.

He said the role the media plays in ensuring that activities of society in general and Parliament in particular are brought to the attention of the public cannot be overemphasised.

Dr Matibini noted that it is in fact the media that inform the citizens on both local and national  issues affecting the citizens.

He said Parliament should, therefore, use the media to, among other objectives, promote transparency and good governance and also expose practices that are detrimental to democratic development.

He further stated that Parliamentarians should also use the media to ensure that factual information is provided to the citizens on time and that the free flow of information between the citizens and their representatives in parliament is enhanced.

Dr Matibini was speaking when he opened The Commonwealth Parliamentarian Association (CPA) Zambia Branch local seminar for law makers at Parliament Buildings in Lusaka today.

And former Speaker of the National Assembly, Amusa Mwanamwambwa, said the media should be respected as they play a critical role in national development.

Mr Mwanamwamba has since urged parliamentarians to find effective ways of working closely with the media in order to enhance the flow of information.