Man takes second wife to prove potency

Divorce Court
Divorce Court

A LOCALcourt in Lusaka has heard how a man of Chazanga Township married a second wife to prove his potency to his niggling first wife.
Lupenga Miti told the Matero local court that his wife, Given Chimpabu persistently accused him of not being man enough as he had failed to make her pregnant.
In response, Miti went to marry another woman where he managed to father a child to prove he was man enough.
This was in a case where Chimpabu sued Miti for divorce after he married the second wife, saying she could not stay in a polygamist marriage.
The wo got married in 2009 but have no child together and that problems in their marriage worsened when Miti decided to marry a second wife.
Miti told the court that his wife used to tell him that he was failing to sexually satisfy her and that he could not produce a child.
“Even now when I have a child with another woman, my wife has continued to call me impotent, saying the child is not mine.
She is even challenging me to take me for a DNA test to prove her point,” Miti said.
“I don’t want to divorce my wife, I want to have two wives because all I wanted was to show her that I am potent.
“I will continue to take care of her if she only accepts to be in a polygamous marriage because at the moment, that is the biggest challenge we are facing.”
In her defence, Chimpabu told the court that she wanted to divorce her husband because she never wanted to be in a polygamous marriage.
Chimpabu said her husband did not want her child she bore from her first marriage and had asked her to chase the child if she wanted to remain the marriage.
“When my husband married me in 2009, he found me with a child and he accepted to take care of the two of us but now he is telling me that I should chase my child for me to continue being his wife,” Chimpabu said.
“I had to choose my child because it is my blood and the reason why I exist. Moreover, I can never give up my child just because of a man,” she said.
Local court magistrate Petronella Kalyelye, sitting with Lewis Mumba, granted divorce and ordered Miti to compensate Chimpabu with K4,000, to be paid in K300 monthly installments.


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