Youths call for easier funding application process’

Auto mechanics class at Chawama Youth Resource Centre
Auto mechanics class at Chawama Youth Resource Centre

SOME youths in Mansa have appealed to Government to simplify the process of applying for Youth Development Fund (YDF).
Speaking in separate interviews, the youth said they have been applying to access YDF without success.

Ellis Ng’andwe, an entrepreneur, said Government should simplify the application process for YDF because it is tedious and difficult for many youths to understand.
“The process is too complicated for most youth.It is, therefore, our earnest appeal to Government to simplify the procedure so that we can also benefit from these funds,” Mr Ng’andwe said.
He said a simplified document will allow youths, including those who are not educated, to easily apply and access the funds.
John Ngosa, a taxi driver, said youths face difficulties in accessing YDF because of the complicated application process.
Mr Ngosa said more youths will be able to access YDF to improve their livelihood if the application process is simplified.
“We have tried to apply for the money under the youth empowerment fund but we have not been successful,” he said.
Another youth, Maybin Mumba, said he has been trying to access YDF but it has not been easy due to the complicated procedure while Mary Chileshe said the Patriotic Front (PF) government has scored a lot of successes in Mansa but it should simplify the application process for YDF.
Davis Chupa, a taxi driver, appealed to Minister of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili to convene a meeting with youths to explain how they can apply for YDF.
Meanwhile, traders at Mansa’s New Site Market have appealed to Government to build them a modern facility to help ease the cost of doing business.
The traders complained that the market has been in a deplorable state for many years despite it being the biggest in Mansa.
Belita Chishimba, who trades in dry fish, said marketeers face a lot of challenges, especially during the rainy season.
“We want a market which will be roofed with concrete stands and cement on the floor. We are asking Government through our member of Parliament (MP) Chitalu Chilufya to look into our plight and build a modern market for us,” Mrs Chishimba said.
Josephine Chola, another fish trader, said all the former presidents and MPs promised to build a modern market but none of them have fulfilled their promises.
Ms Chola said the market has no toilets and showers, and poor sanitation makes it difficult for the traders to conduct their business.
Beatrice Kapasa hopes the PF government will not let the people of Mansa down by failing to build a modern market for them.
Ms Kapasa, who trades in beans and rice, said she has been selling at the market since 1999 and there has never been any improvement to the market.
Christine Namwinga said former President Frederick Chiluba promised to release K60,000 for the construction of a modern market but he did not fulfil his promise.
Brian Mpundu, a tailor, said the current market has no security and this has forced traders to keep their goods in shops at a fee.
But Dr Chilufya promised the marketeers that funds will be available in the 2015 national budget for the construction of a modern market
He said he will liaise with the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to ensure the market is considered in the next budget.
Dr Chilufya said traders at the market should not feel neglected because he is working hard to ensure they have a modern market.
“Mansa Central is a big constituency and I have only been MP for five months and these five months I have toured almost all the places in the area.
“The traders here, therefore, should not feel neglected when they do not see me. This is because I am  busy touring other parts of the constituency but now that I am done with other parts I will concentrate on the bigger places like this market,” Dr Chilufya said.
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