Hakainde Hichilema was a resident in a fool’s paradise, living in fantasy – Kabimba

INFLUENTIAL PF member petitions Sata to remove Wynter Kabimba immediately
INFLUENTIAL PF member petitions Sata to remove Wynter Kabimba immediately

Justice minister Wynter Kabimba says there will be no change of government in 2016.
Addressing party officials in Shibuyunji district, Kabimba, who is acting Republican President, said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was a resident in a fool’s paradise and was living in fantasy.
“There are two republics a politician can live in, firstly, the fool’s paradise. And HH (Hichilema) lives there; he lives in the fool’s paradise and he can live there for as long as he wants. HH is a resident of fool’s paradise, he has a passport for that republic. The second republic is Fantasy Island; so what Mr HH does is he moves from fool’s paradise to Fantasy Island and he has followers that move with him,” Kabimba said.
“He moves with his followers on holiday, fantasising to Fool’s Paradise that they can win an election. It’s a dream that UPND can win the 2016 elections, the figures are there. We won because we didn’t come from 18 per cent, no. We came from 38 per cent to win the 2011 election. These facts are painful when you are not PF, but please manage your pain,” he said.
Kabimba said PF won 42.3 per cent of the vote, with MMD second on 35 per cent and UPND third with 18 per cent.
He said the PF needed to be united for it to continue growing.
Kabimba said party members should help President Michael Sata, as torchbearer of the party, in spreading his vision for the country.
And speaking earlier when he donated various books that included PF booklets (about the history and development of the Patriotic Front from 2001 to 2011) and the recent country report of the Peer Review Mechanism at Nampundwe Secondary School, Kabimba said there would be no change of government in 2016.
He said the PF had responded to the needs of the people.
“There will be no change of government in 2016, nothing! I will come here again and donate and do good works for you; don’t listen to these prophets of doom. The unprecedented development across the country under the leadership of His Excellency President Michael Sata has never been seen in the history of this country and we are not going anywhere. That’s why there will be no change of government,” Kabimba said.
And Kabimba said the MMD had murdered the Zambian culture.
He said people were no longer able to identify themselves with their culture.
He pledged to sink a borehole at his former primary school, Shikatende, and one at Nampundwe Secondary School.
“The African culture, the Zambian culture in particular, our culture has been murdered and the last government (MMD) which we as PF defeated, are to blame because they didn’t pay attention. The people that can’t identify themselves with culture are as good as dead. Culture is important in order to maintain our identity as a people,” Kabimba said.
He said under the MMD, people that spoke English with a foreign accent were considered educated.
“The past education system under the MMD, you were only recognised as educated by speaking English with an accent. If you spoke like a Briton, you were perceived to be educated. Under the PF, those that can’t speak English proficiently must be able to speak using their hands to better this country. Our local languages during the colonial era were considered primitive for a long time and were not part of our school curriculum,” he said.
Kabimba said he went to Nampundwe to give pupils and teachers hope that despite challenges they were facing, the government was committed to uplifting their living standards.
He said the government would create equal opportunities for all, whether in villages or urban areas.
Kabimba said for pupils to succeed in life, they needed to observe discipline.
He said teachers were fundamental to the development of a country as they were role models in society and shape the personalities of citizens.
Kabimba commended Konkola Copper Mines in Nampundwe for sinking the only borehole at the school.
“I have read a lot of bad stories about KCM but I want to thank you today for good corporate social responsibility to the community,” said Kabimba.
Earlier, Nampundwe Secondary School head teacher Bridget Nambwele said the number of pupils had increased from 30 to over 1,400.
She added that the school had 48 teachers.
“Last year we produced a pupil who got six points. The teachers are staying in rented houses. We don’t have a multi-purpose hall and from inception we have been using a big tree as a school hall and our pupils are sleeping in bad shelters, so we appeal to you to build better hostels
for these future leaders,”
said Nambwele.

State House Press Office – Zambia


  1. Those opposition MP’s just rubber stamping PF hand picked ratifications by parliament will have themselves to blame for Kabimba must be in the know of what he is saying about no change of government come 2016. By hook or crook PF is positioning itself very well people open your eyes!

  2. only an idiot like kabimba wud say so.foolish man,does he own zambia as his own company.shameless man