— Luwingu based PF councillor Kasoma saddened by removal of satellite depot

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Luwingu based PF councillor Kasoma saddened by removal of satellite depot


Luwingu, 28th June 2014-ZANIS – Patriotic Front (PF) Chifwile ward councillor James Kasoma says the shifting of a satellite depot from Malekani satellite in his ward to Njoko in another ward will adversely affect purchase of agricultural produce in the area.



Mr Kasoma says  the community in his ward have betrayed by Food Reserve Agency instead introducing more satellite depots they have reduced to zero.


The ward councillor said the shifting of the satellite depot has annoyed small scale farmers in his ward adding that they FRA to reverse the decision.


ZANIS reports that Mr. Kasoma said this in an interview in Luwingu District, today.



He said it will difficult to sell maize in the as FRA has shifted the depot from Chifwile ward to Lwata ward which was about 50km apart.



And acting Luwingu district commissioner Deodatus Munsungwe confirmed that food reserve agency has reduced the satellite depots from the usual 25 to 15.



Mr. Munsungwe has however appealed to small scale farmers to remain calm as his office is trying by all means to bring the situation to normal.



He  said farmers cannot afford to carry maize on their heads to food reserve agency which between 50 to 100km distant.



He said FRA has already trained depots clerk to spearhead buying of agricultural produce especially maize in the area.



Mr Munsungwe appealed to small scale farmers to sell their maize to FRA at a reasonable price of K70.00 per 50kg bag of white maize rather than selling to briefcase business men and women.