Scott calls for stiff laws against torture

Dr Guy Scott
Dr Guy Scott

VICE-President Guy Scott has said Zambia needs legislation against torture because the vice is difficult to eradicate without this law in place.
Dr Scott said domesticating the UN Convention on torture and other cruel, inhuman treatment or punishment by Zambia is not enough without legislation.

“Why should we domesticate a convention 15 years ago without actually working hard to make it law so that torture can be eliminated,” he asked.
Dr Scott was speaking during the commemoration of the UN International Day in support of victims of torture in Lusaka’s Chawama Township yesterday.
The Vice-President appealed to stakeholders such as the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to quickly draft the legislation.
He said there is also need for serious campaigns and education so that people are aware of the negative effects of torture.
Dr Scott said fighting torture is not an easy task.
At the same function, Minister of Defence Edgar Lungu said torture is prohibited under the Zambian laws and should not be tolerated.
Mr Lungu, who is Chawama Member of Parliament, said torture should not be entertained in any civilised society and as such should be condemned.
Meanwhile, HRC director Florence Chibwesha said government should come up with a strategy to end torture.
Ms Chibwesha said the commission will embark on a massive training programme for law enforcement agencies on the dangers of torture.
She said torture hinges on abuse of human rights hence those who perpetrate it should be severely punished.
Ms Chibwesha said the commission will ensure everyone is protected against torture.