LAZ disheartened by Kabimba, Scott on the final draft constitution

George Chisanga -pix ThePost
George Chisanga -pix ThePost
The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) is very disheartened with the recent statements by Vice President Guy Scott and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba calling for further debate on the final draft constitution once it is released to the public.


LAZ President George Chisanga in a statement issued to QFM News today says the public has not been given any convincing justification for opening the new debate on the draft constitution.

Mr Chisanga adds that the government has not even informed the nation who will direct new debate considering that the mandate of the Technical Committee ended or will end with the submission of the final draft, wondering what the new debate will achieve.

He states that the new debate being suggested by the Vice President and the Minister of Justice has the serious potential of leading to the breakdown in the constitution making process because it will not receive any positive response from members of the public who have already made substantial submissions to the Technical Committee during its tenure.

Mr Chisanga says government should immediately carry out its duty by releasing the draft constitution without any further delay, urging the Republican President to act as mandated by article 44 of the Constitution and ensure that the new constitution is enacted through the process which was suggested when he appointed the Technical Committee on drafting the new constitution.

He says the constitution making process has already been subjected to the nationwide consultation when the Technical Committee went around the country collecting views from the people of Zambia on what should be contained in the new constitution.

Mr Chisanga says it is public knowledge that in the process of engagement undertaken by the Technical Committee, consultations were held at District level through representatives appointed by district cell groups.

The LAZ President says all the stakeholders in the constitution making process, apart from Government, are now agreed that the most desirable and democratic means for going forward is to subject the draft to be released by government to a referendum so that Zambians from all walks of life participate in the finalization of this important programme of national governance.


 George Chisanga -pix ThePost