Govt ready to talk to ZNFU over maize floor price – Scot

Dr Guy Scott
Dr Guy Scott
Republican Vice President Guy Scott says there is still room for engagement between government and other stakeholders over concerns raised on the announced floor price for maize.

Government has set the maize floor price at K70 per 50Kg bag, a price some stakeholders such as the Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) think is too low in view of the upward adjustment in the cost of fuel, depreciation of the Kwacha and the increase in Interest rates among other factors.

But Dr. Scott has told Qfm news in an interview that he has personally taken time to read what the ZNFU’s position on the announced floor price, and that he is ready to meet with the farmers union to discuss the matter further.

Dr. Scott, who was quick to dismiss any promises of reviewing the maize floor price, says government should not be expected to start with the highest price after adjusting the price which had remained stagnant for six year since 2009.

He however says ZNFU is welcome if they want to have a meeting with him over the announced maize floor price.

He says he will also invite the Ministers of Agriculture and Finance to such a meeting in order to look at the facts and figures the union has at its disposal.

The Vice president says it is also important to keep it in mind that most of the maize produced in this year’s harvest will go on the market.

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