Chipata PS urges civil servants to be innovative, professional

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Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chileshe Mulenga has urged Public Service employees to be innovative and professional in the execution of the duties for the betterment of the nation.

Dr Mulenga stated that it is important for all the public service workers to observe and adhere to the virtues of the public service in the execution of their duties as it plays a critical role in the governance system of the country.

He was speaking at this year’s African Public Service commemoration held at the Province administration yesterday.

The PS stated that the province is committed to facilitating the growth of the economy of Eastern Province by at least 50 percent by 2016.

Dr Mulenga stated that with regard to the security and social sector, the public service has continued to provide technical expertise to government in formulating and implementing policies which have created an enabling environment for job creation in the economy.

“In this regard the key landmarks achieved include natonalisation of all Public Service jobs and the enhancement and enforcement of the minimum wage by the government,” he added.

The PS who has since congratulated the winners in these year’s display’s which showed how departments operated to general public saw the Ministry of Health and the Provincial administration scoop outstanding in the four thematic basis of winning.

Among them being clarity on explanation, display of information, interpretation of the theme and the impact of flow of information to the general community.

Ministry of Education and Judiciary also went away with best interpretation of the theme and most clean environment as well as well articulated information to the general public respectively.

The PS however, noted that the major flaw in the displays was a failure by the departments to provide statistics of how they have been operating.

And moving a vote of thanks, Chipata General Hospital Superintendent, Daniel Makawa, advised departments that did not win this year’s African Public Service day not to lose hope but work hard so that next year they emerge victorious.

Dr Makawa also stated that the interpretation of this year’s commemoration did not come simple saying it took time for people to master the theme.

And Chairperson for Judges Dorothy Ndhlovu stated that members of staff from departments were supposed to know their mission statement and how the departments operated.