2)–Girl children warned over re-entry policy

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Girl children warned over  re-entry policy

Shiwang`andu,  June 24, 2014. ZANIS… Shiwang’andu District Education

Board Secretary (DEBS) has warned school girls not to take the

girl child re-entry policy for granted by falling pregnant anyhow.


Annie Mutambo says the re-entry policy is not an advantage among girls

to get pregnant but it is a policy that has been put in place to help

girls who get pregnant by mistake to continue with their education.


Ms. Mutambo said that school girls should not indulge themselves in

sexual activities just because they have a privilege to continue with

School after getting pregnant.


Ms. Mutambo said this in an interview with the Zambia News and

Information Services (ZANIS) in Shiwang`andu  today.


She said that the rate of pregnancy among  the female pupils in most schools in

Shiwang`andu are on the increase adding that her office will soon start gathering

information to find out the extent of pregnancies among girls in all schools.

Ms. Mutambo also urged girls who have abandoned school after getting

pregnant to go back  and continue with their education so

that they can have a brighter future instead of opting to get married

at an early age.

The DEBS however urged parents to take their girl children to school and refrain from marring them off at a very tender age saying it was important for parents to work with teachers in monitoring and disciplining pupils adding that parents should be visiting schools to check on theperformance and progress of their children.

Meanwhile, Teleni Village Head man Fredrick Katongo said the re-entry policy though being appreciated  has resulted into lawlessness in schools.

Headman  Katongo said falling pregnant among school girls had become a normal trend not only in Shiwang`andu but in all schools around the country and that for this reason Government should find means of mitigating the rampant pregnancies in schools.