ABZ resolve to stop commenting on Sata’s health, future presidents

Father Frank Bwalya
Father Frank Bwalya
The opposition Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) has resolved to desist from ever making comments deemed negative on President Michael Sata’s health.


This follows the directive that ABZ Team of Trustees Chairperson Janet Chileshe rendered to all party officials to avoid any insinuations and innuendos regarding the health of President Sata and any other future presidents if the opposition political party is to show a charity that befits it.

And speaking in an interview with Qfm news ABZ president Frank Bwalya has observed that for that the directive came from the Party’s Team of Trustees, all party officials that includes himself had no choice but to comply with the directive.

Fr. Bwalya says this is because the system under which the ABZ was formed, a counsel from the Team of Trustees that has been made on a matter of policy such counsel or directive cannot be questioned.

He says this is why all ABZ party officials have no problem with carrying out the wise counsel from the party%u2019s Team of Trustees to stop making any comments on President Sata’s health.

Asked whether this directive would still be complied to while in the Opposition Alliance to which other four political parties are members of, Fr. Bwalya says the directive will not be extended to the Opposition Alliance where he is the coordinator and spokesperson.

He however says when need arises amongst the five opposition parties that form the Opposition Alliance, that a comment should be made on the health of the republican President, such an issue will discussed further before a comment could be made.

Fr. Bwalya has also maintained that the ABZ will continue giving checks and balances as well as being critical to Patriotic Front government where there is need.



  1. Why should the health of someone become a topic when there are a lot of serious issues to talk about nangu ni political miledge ine?