Sikota optimistic Malila will be asset to Supreme Court

Mumba Malila , right
Mumba Malila , right
Opposition United Liberal Party (ULP) president Sakwiba Sikota says he has no doubt that newly appointed Supreme Court Judge Mumba Malila will be an asset to the country’s highest court.

The appointment of Mr. Malila, who is also the Attorney General, was unanimously ratified by Parliament last week.

And Mr. Sikota, who is also a lawyer by profession, says his position of Mr. Malila being an assert to the Supreme Court following his appointment is based on Mr. Malila’s Curriculum Vitae and his knowledge of the law.

Mr. Sikota says he is also of the view that the Supreme Court will be a much better environment for Mr. Malila to operate from as the Supreme Court does not have intrigues and pressures that the office of Attorney General has.

The ULP president has told Qfm news in an interview that he personally thinks that Mr. Malila will enjoy his practicing in the Supreme Court as a Judge much better than being Attorney General.

He has however says he hopes that Mr. Malila will be able to put his stamp on the Judiciary of his credentials as a human rights lawyer especially that he has been on the human rights court for a long time before he become Attorney General.

Mr. Sikota says he is also of the thought that Mr. Malila’s credentials of being a human activist is something that is really needed in view of the numerous alleged human right abuses in the country.

He says he further hopes that Mr. Malila will be able to stand firm and ensure that his legacy is going to be that of a human rights crusader and somebody who will stand up for human rights for the downtrodden to ensure that justice prevails.

The opposition leader also notes that in view of his appointment as Supreme Court Judge Mr. Malila will have to step down as Attorney General as there will be conflict of interest if he holds on to two positions especially at the time he is being a litigant.


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