Man impregnants girlfriend to prove potency to wife

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A 29-YEAR-OLD man of Kabanana township narrated to the Matero Local Court how he was compelled to impregnate another woman to prove a point to his wife.

Lupenga Miti told the court that his wife’s accusations that he was not man enough to satisfy her drove him to another woman to prove a point.
This is a case in which Given Chimpabu, 32, of Chazanga township sued Miti for divorce after five years of marriage due to marital disputes.
Chimpabu told the court that she got married to Miti in 2009 adding that they have no children together.
She said when they got married all was well until in 2010 when Miti started having extra-marital affairs and spending nights away from home.
“My husband would spend days away from home and when I asked him about his whereabouts, he would say he was a man who knew what he was doing,” said.
She said Miti has been living with his girlfriend since 2012.
“I would forgive him whenever he returned from his days away from home but I later stopped tolerating his habits because he has been mistreating me,” she said
Chimpabu said Miti does not even eat food she prepares but opts to take food prepared by his girlfriend home.
But Miti pleaded with the court not to grant divorce because he still loved Chimpabu.
“I don’t want to be divorced or separated from my wife because I found her when she was on the street with no place to live.  I wouldn’t love it if she went there again,” he said.
He said it was not his intention to abandon his matrimonial home to go and marry another woman.
“She used to insult me and tell me I was not man enough to satisfy her sexually. She said my sperm was very weak to make her pregnant and that I was just giving her body pains whenever we had sex,” Miti said.
He told the court that he stopped eating the food Chipambu cooked because one day when she had prepared his breakfast he found charms in the food.
Miti said the words Chipambu used hurt him a lot causing him to make another woman pregnant.
Passing judgment Senior Court Magistrates Petronella Kalyelye and Lewis Mumba granted the couple divorce and ordered Miti to pay Chipambu K4000 as compensation.


Zambia Daily mail


  1. Diana, let him go for DNA test bcoz the child may not be his afterall! Za mimba izi ndi zovuta kwambiri.