— Over hundred UPND, MMD cadres defect to PF in Siavonga District

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—-Over hundred cadres and an independent councillor in Mulima ward of Siavonga district have defected from UPND and MMD to join the ruling Patriotic Front party.

The defectors were received by Southern  province  PF  chairperson Daniel Munkombwe.



Speaking at a well-attended rally, Mr. Mukombwe said the tarring of the bottom road has pleased the people of Mulima ward.



Mr Mukombwe  said  successive governments  only sang about working on the bottom road as opposed to the PF government which has embarked on constructing the road.


He said PF government is however determined to bring real development in the province.

Mr Mukombwe stressed that the people of southern province are not interested in politics but want meaningful development.

Meanwhile,  Mr Mukombwe has vowed to continue cracking the opposition UPND as the party has nothing to offer in Southern Province.

He said his role as PF southern province chairperson is to puncher holes in the UPND.

Mr Mukombwe noted that the massive development taking place by the PF government in the province have disabled UPND.

He implored Mulima ward residents to rally behind President Sata in an effort to foster development in the area.

And Vice President Dr Guy Scott said the tarring of the bottom road is the fulfilment of the promise the PF made to the people of southern province during 2011 campaigns.

Dr Scott said more development is scheduled to take place in Mulima ward under the PF leadership.

He cited the connecting of Mulima ward to the national grid as one of the developments  government is spearheading.



He the ward would be connected to the national anytime this year.

The Vice President cautioned Mulima ward residents not be to be cheated that the constitution will bring development.

Dr Scott explained that in 2011 PF won on the promises it made to the Zambian people not that in 2016 PF will win elections on what the party has delivered.

He said the bottom was evidence enough for people to see what government is doing since it came in power.

In a related development Dr Scott has implored the people of southern to start a PF revolution.

He said PF has come with a lot of change in a bid to better the leaves of the people.

Dr Scott said southern province should not lag behind hence his call for the province to start the revolution.

The cheerful Dr Scott said he was impressed with the attendance of the people.

He said president Sata is working hard in uniting Zambia into a united country.


And at the same public rally an independent councillor Dickson Chileke defected to join the ruling PF party.

Mr Chileke said he decided to defect following the challenges he was facing in wooing development in Mulima ward as an independent councillor.

He told the cheering crowd that the PF party has become his parents.

However He expressed optimism that under the PF Mulima ward will witness an precedent development.

He thanked Mulima ward residents for voting for him as an independent councillor and appealed to them to vote for him when he nominated under the PF ticket .