Swine fever kills 300 pigs in Kasempa

pig farm
pig farm

THE African swine fever has continued to wreck havoc in Kasempa with the number of pigs dying from the disease in the district now rising to more than 300.
Kasempa District Commissioner, Victor Kayekesi said in an interview yesterday that the swine fever had remained prominent in the district despite animal disease experts from the veterinary headquarters visiting the area.
Mr Kayekesi said the number of pigs dying from the disease had kept rising and now stood at 300 since the disease broke out in the district about two months ago.  The most hit regions are Muselepete and Boma Central areas.
He said a team of animal disease experts that was dispatched to the district to assess the disease completed its investigations but was yet to release the findings.
“The team of animal disease experts returned to Lusaka and we are still waiting for a report on the way forward in combating the swine fever,” he said.
He appealed to Kasempa residents to continue adhering to instituted measures for combating the disease that included the ban on the movement of pigs.
Mr Kayekesi also cautioned residents against eating meat from pigs dying from African swine fever.


Times of Zambia