PF, Chinese Communist Party agree to strengthen ties


THE Patriotic Front (PF) and Chinese Communist Party (CPC) yesterday held bilateral talks and agreed to strength the existing mutual relations through various exchange programmes.
PF secretary general, Wynter Kabimba who led the PF party officials including the Members of the Central Committee (MCC) said the meeting was unique as it intended to place emphasis on party to party relations between the CPC and the PF away from the bilateral meetings held by the Vice-president Guy Scott with his Chinese counterpart Li Yuanchao.
Mr Kabimba said during the meeting held at Government complex in Lusaka yesterday that the CPC being one of the oldest political parties in the world had a long history of both political and economic lessons which could be of great benefit to the PF as the two share similar values.
“By uplifting your population of over 400 million out of poverty in the past 30 years, the CPC has valuable lessons to share with PF about the role of the political party in the service of people through a loyal faithful and committed membership,” Mr Kabimba said.
Mr Kabimba told Dr Li, who is in the country with his delegation for a four days working visit that the PF had in the last two years embarked on intensive social and economic transformation programmes of the country especially in the areas of education and health.
“We know that the CPC has great and extensive experience to share with the PF in enhancing the participation of women and the youths in the party.
“One of the components of the strong political party is leadership skills training, as such programmes instill discipline and loyalty and voluntarism in the rank and file of the party,” he said.
He said the CPC had such programmes which the PF member could benefit as well as training of the PF youths.
Dr Li said he had taken note of the request by the PF secretary general and his party would study them to see how best they could help with the programmes on a short-term and long-term basis.
He said the department of international relations would also look into the issue of exchange programmes for PF members to travel to China for skills training programmes.
Meanwhile, Dr Li also paid a courtesy call on former President Kenneth Kaunda, who said the seeds he sowed for the Zambia-China relations have now blossomed into deepening links between the two countries.
“I am humbled that the seeds we planted in 1964 have contributed to the deepening of the links involving the people of China, Zambia, Tanzania, an indeed much of the world. China’s relationship with
Zambia helped pioneer the links China has with Africa and other parts of the world,”he said.
Dr Kaunda hailed China for building the Tanzania-Zambia Railway line, Government Complex, the Lusaka- Mongu road and for providing educational and skills training in various fields as well as joint
projects in agriculture and farming.
The Chinese Vice-President said the people of China would be forever to indebted to Dr Kaunda and Zambia for leading the campaign for China to get its rightful position in the United Nations.
Dr Li said the Tazara has become the monument of the cordial relations between Zambia and China and that the bilateral cooperation between the two countries is built on the strong foundation led by Dr Kaunda and Chairman Mao.

 Times of Zambia