Bomb injures Zambia Army and Air force officers as they tried to open it

President Micheal Sata in Army Uniform
President Micheal Sata in Army Uniform

THREE military personnel in Kabwe have been seriously injured after an explosive device they were handling, exploded while they attempted to open it.
The officers, two from the Zambia Army and the other from Zambia Air force (ZAF) are  admitted to Kabwe General Hospital  after  they allegedly  attempted to open a bomb  shell using a  grinder. But the device exploded blowing off one officer’s hand.
Two of the officers are admitted  to ward  nine, while the other is in the intensive care  unit and his condition has  been described as critical.
Hospital sources and Central Province Commissioner  of police Standwell Lungu  confirmed the incident in separate  interviews  yesterday.
But Mr Lungu could not  give further details saying investigations  were  underway  to establish what happened.  He said, however, that this could only be done once the officers were discharged from hospital.
“I can confirm that we are  investigating a case  in which some officers from Zambia Army and ZAF were  injured  but we don’t have details on what exactly happened,” he said.
But sources said the  incident happened after 17:00 hours  in Lukanga Township on  Wednesday when the  officers were allegedly trying to open  a  bombshell also known as  a  MSG60-MM using  a  grinder, but it exploded leaving them with  serious injuries.
The three have been identified as Brian Chama a ZAF officer, Domingo Harris and Paul Sichwaya both from Zambia Army in Kabwe
Mr Sichwaya had his  hand from his wrist cut off as well as forefingers on his right hand while Mr Chama sustained a cut on his palm and Domingo had  a  swollen  arm.


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  1. You’ll be suprised to learn its not the first time some one has attempted to open these explosive devices I belive there was a similar incident it Katete a few years back non military personel though

  2. You can not use a grinder to open an explosive device. A grinder generates heat and in the process it ignites the charge in the shell. Who gave them that order?

  3. Mercury! Riches! Are these guys bomb difusers or what?if they cant difuse a simple bomb? Send dem to boko aram for intensive training in bomb disposal,or else they are a danger to society.mwami(zp) arrest thoz thieves of our bombs.