Sata hails China construction of Zambia’s railways infrastructure

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—-President Michael Sata has saluted China for the role it played in the construction of Zambia’s railways infrastructure.

Speaking when the visiting Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao paid at courtesy on him today at State House today, Mr Sata said Zambia was grateful to the people of Chine for constructing the railway line.

The Head of State recalled that before he joined politics, the government of China built Zambia Railways and TAZARA.

He noted that China did a great deal when it constructed the existing railway lines in the country.

“We are very grateful to the Chinese people because before I joined politics, the Chinese people did a great deal in our country when they built the TAZARA railway,” President Sata said.

The President told the visiting Chinese Vice President and his delegation that Zambia in the past had big parastatals and the role of the Zambian government was to supervise the companies running the parastatals.

Meanwhile President Sata has thanked his Chinese counterpart the President of China for allowing Mr Yuanchao to visit Zambia.

President Sata said government was ready to listen to what the visiting Chinese delegation has to say to the Zambians.

And Chinese Head of State Xi Jinping has sent a congratulatory message to Zambia on the country’s attainment of 50 years independence.

The message was delivered to President Sata by visiting Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao.

Dr Yuanchao disclosed that he was entrusted by President Jinping to visit Zambia and deliver a congratulatory message on the Country’s 50 years independence anniversary.

“Am entrusted by Chinese President to come visit Zambia and offer congratulatory message of the 50 years anniversary of the independence
of Zambia and the 50 years of diplomatic relations with Chine and Zambia, “he said.

The Chinese vice president said China will take advantage of the Country’s 50 years of diplomatic relations between China and Zambia to further strengthen the existing traditional friendship.

Dr Yuanchao said the strengthening of the friendship between the two States will help to promote practical cooperation between the two political parties namely the Communist party of China and the Patriotic Front of Zambia.

“We would like to take this opportunity to show our great attention of cooperation between China and Zambia. We would to take the occasion
of the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations to further strengthen the traditional friendship between the two countries to further enhance our political mutual trust to promote our practical cooperation between the two ruling parties the Communist part of China and the PF,” he said.

He hoped that the joint efforts the of the two Countries will be able to
implement the agreements the two Heads of State reached when President
Sata visited China last year so as to cement the bilateral relations.