Kapiri MP Musonda calls for govt. support

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Kapiri MP Musonda calls for govt. support


Kapiri Mposhi, 18 June 2014, ZANIS – Kapiri Mposhi PF area Member of Parliament (MP) Eddie Musonda has urged traditional leaders in the District to support development programs being initiated and implemented by government.


Mr. Musonda said this in the wake of the three Chiefs’ reluctance to surrender some traditional land to Kapiri Mposhi District Council for the implementation of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP).


Recently during an IDP stakeholders’ meeting the three traditional leaders that included senior Chief Chipepo of the Lenje speaking people and Chiefs Mukonchi and Nkole of the Swaka speaking people refused to surrender land to the council for the implementation of the IDP.


The District Council has asked for land from the three traditional leaders to carter for the expansion of the district by a 15 KM radius in order to plan for new developments in the area.


The IDP, which is earmarked to be implemented in the district, comprises a series of policy and land development outlines to guide the development of townships and other core planning areas over the next five to 15 years.



Stakeholders including government have identified a series of key projects upon which the IDP shall depend and be implemented in the area.



The stakeholders have endorsed the delivery of infrastructure such as roads and housing to carter for an imminent population increase of the working and schooling age in the district.