NAREP asks Kabimba to clarify role of Kenyan nationals in 2011 polls

Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC in Katuba
Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC in Katuba
The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has called upon Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to come out clean and tell the nation the circumstance under which Kenyan nationals were brought in the country to assist the ruling Patriotic Front with Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) during the 2011 general elections.

NAREP vice president Charles Maboshe says this is Zambians deserve the right to know what role the Kenyans played in the 2011 elections.

Mr. Maboshe says the revelations that the PF brought in Kenyans to come and play a role in the 2011 elections have also not particularly settled well with NAREP. In a statement to Qfm news, Mr. Maboshe notes that his party also holds the position that it is such innuendos that bring about conflicts in the nation the more reason the PF as a party in government should take leadership in the establishing of the Conflict Resolution Management Committee to deal with matters that seemingly bring misunderstandings within the political arena and the nation at large. Mr. Maboshe has listed the Public Order Act, political violence and mistreatment of NGOs and any group of people with divergent views from PF as some of the matters that ought to be addressed. He says the PF should know that it is easier and safer to deal with problems when they are shimmering before they erupt. Meanwhile NAREP has praised the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for proposing the increase of the number of constituencies from 150 to 235 in view of the newly created Districts in the country. NEREP is however of the view that such a proposal should not only be attributed to the new districts created but also to the increased population in the country. NAREP Lusaka District Vice Chairman Frank Sichone has told Qfm news in a separate statement that the proposal is also timely especially that the size of some constituencies in the country are also too big that Members of Parliament supposedly fail to meet the needs of all their electorates. Mr. Sichone says this is why the increase in the number of parliamentary seats will enable more Zambians to have access to basic needs through the constituency development funds.