Pule calls for remedial measures of weakening Kwacha

Christian Democratic Party (CDP) leader, Dan Pule _pix credit ThePost.
Christian Democratic Party (CDP) leader, Dan Pule _pix credit ThePost.

Opposition Christian Democratic Party (CDP) president Dr Danny Pule has urged government to put in place remedial measures to curb the weakening kwacha.

Dr. Pule says his party is concerned on the increasing prices of food and essential commodities due to the weakening of the Kwacha.

He said the local currency has continued to weaken because it basically trades on finished products and services as opposed to manufacturing.

ZANIS reports that the opposition leader said this during a press briefing in Chapata, Eastern Province

He said that it was for this reason that once his party gets into power in 2016, it will concentrate on manufacturing as it is the key driver of the country’s economic growth.

Dr Pule , who is optimistic that the CDP will form the next government, said that the PF has failed to deliver to people’s expectations going by high cost of living experienced in the country due to the weakening kwacha against the World’s major currencies.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader has announced his party’s intention to field its candidates in three pending by elections in Petauke Central, Malambo and Vubwi constituencies of Eastern Province.

He stated that the emphasis to develop the country will be on manufacturing and encourage small family businesses and agro processing to grow.