— Kaput has TV and Radio transmitters installed

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Kaputa has TV and Radio transmitters installed


Lusaka, June 15, ZANIS – The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) has assured Kaputa residents of crystal clear radio and television (TV) reception following the installation of a new transmitter in the area.


ZNBC Director of Engineering and Technical Services Malolela Lusambo says his engineers successfully installed the transmitter in Kaputa district on Friday, last week.


Mr Lusambo said the Public Broadcaster was implementing the project to satisfy the rural populace with quality signal reception on both radio and television.


"Yes, as I can confirm that ZNBC Engineers have installed the transmitter in Kaputa district in Northern province that was experiencing some problems.


With this equipment, we’re very sure of getting strong and reliable feed-back signal even under fog environments," Mr Lusambo said


He assured the listeners and viewers in other parts of the country that ZNBC is committed and determined to improving the quality of its signal reception in rural areas.


The Technical Director commended Government for the gesture in procuring the piece of equipment.


And Kaputa District Business Association Chairperson Chibalange Musonda in a separate interview with ZANIS commended ZNBC Management for installing the transmitter.


Mr Musonda said the residents are forced to listen and watch foreign channel because the national broadcaster had allegedly failed to supply quality signal.