Political parties warned against disparaging the ruling PF

Mutale Nalumango Former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mutale Nalumango
Mutale Nalumango Former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mutale Nalumango

Patriotic Front PF Isoka District chairman Gerald silwamba has warned opposition political parties visiting Isoka district to desist from using the ISO FM radio as a platform to de campaign the ruling party.

The warning comes in awake of opposition  UPND official Mutale Nalumango  who was quoted  in the local media as saying that  the ruling PF has not delivered as expected.
Mr. Silwamba .said. In a press statement made available to ZANIS today that his party shall not seat idol while UPND was attacking them.
And Mr silwamba said the journalists did not conduct themselves properly in an interview that meant to be little the ruling PF. Party.

Meanwhile  ISO radio FM management have expressed displeasure over the continued threats and interference of the radio station operations by PF political party officials and a named district top official.

The management alleged that they were attacked several times by PF officials stating that the community radio station is now operating under fear.

They explained that a community radio station allows any person to air their views as long as it does not contented slanderous content or any information that would injure some people.

The management emphasizes that disturbing of broadcasting and parading journalists to police is an offence in itself and that journalists were just harassed and not slapped a charge shows clearly the party officials are aimed at closing the station.

They added that Zambia is a Democratic state that allows people to express themselves freely not journalists dictated to interviews in favour of the ruling party.

The management said Disturbing an on air programmers is un developmental meant to kill radio stations purpose of good governance.

On Tuesday PF officials accompanied by seven plain clothed  police officers under instruction of a district top official disturbed the broadcasting at ISO FM by dragging journalists to police and confiscated their phones for four hours.