Paramount chief Chitimukulu challenges government to arrest him

Henry Kanyanta Sosala
Henry Kanyanta Sosala

Paramount chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga II of the Bemba people has challenged government to arrest him if they are aggrieved that he has been installed as Mwine-Lubemba.

Chief Chitimukulu was responding to an order by Chiefs and Traditional Affairs minister Nkandu Luo that he and the other chiefs that were masquerading as chiefs should be arrested.

He said the Supreme Court has already ruled that the appointing authority for the Paramount chief of the Bemba people was the Bashilubemba and not anyone else.

The Mwine-Lubemba, Henry Kanyanta Sosala told the Daily Nation from Kasama June 10th that he would be in the town to wait for police officers to arrest him.

On Monday, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Professor Nkandu Luo instructed Law Enforcement Agencies to arrest all those purporting to be Chiefs.


  1. Basopo! So brave! They dare not otherwise civil war begins. All Bembas we shall fight police and chase them all the way upto statehouse!

  2. That’s the true couragious leadership charracter we want.
    Tatulibakwangalilako fwe ba bemba! Sata tulekutwala mumenshi ayatali!