Govt . saddened by hoarding of funds for development in Isoka district

Isoka - Photo credit Davison Mwanza
Isoka - Photo credit Davison Mwanza

 Government says it is saddened by Isoka District Council ‘s failure to use UNICEF funds meant for monitoring sanitation programs in the area.

Isoka District Commissioner Major Joe Siwila says following the event , he will not tolerate government technocrats to hoard funds meant for monitoring in commercial banks and later on retained money to funders.

Major Siwila said this during the community led total sanitation CLTS and school led total sanitation SLTS workshop organized by UNCIEF in Isoka district,  on June 11th.

The DC said it was not in order for funds meant for development of the district to be retained to funders while the area is in dire need of development.

He explained that it calls for all stake holders to ensure that Isoka becomes open defacation free area.

And CLTS lead facilitator Moses Mutyoka said UNICEF and United Kingdom fund DFID  targets to improve sanitation on 3 million people by 2015.

Mr. Mutyoka said improved sanitation has economical and health benefits as it would assist in preventing disease that take many people to the grave prematurely .

He emphasized on the numerous sanitation challenges that towns, commercial farms and learning institutions face.

Mr. Mutyoka said Zambia at 50 years is pegged at 13 percent of sanitation improvement and that is why UNCIEF. Was training sanitation champions in schools , chiefdoms and market areas.

And one participants John Mwelwa who is the Environmental Health Technologists praised CLTS approach to improve sanitation in the area.

Mr. Mwelwa said as a health expert he finds its vital to disseminate information of good hygiene practices If he works with the community that is braced with information .

He said if such CLTS program is rolled out to all villages and institutions Zambia may strike target 2015 MDGs of improving sanitation by 46 percent.