PF to remain zero tolerant

PF Cadres in
PF Cadres in

PF member of central committee John Chisanga says the ruling party will not condone corruption at all its leadership structures in the country.


Mr. Chisanga maintained that it was for this reason that the PF would always be transparent in all its dealings .


He said that this was because transparency was a vital ingredient in any political organization’s leadership.


ZANIS reports that the PF member of the central committee said this during the launch of the PF party mobilization in Kapiri Mposhi District, June 9th.


Mr. Chisanga implored PF members not to practice tribal politics but embrace all people regardless of their tribe and tradition.



He observed that tribal politics had the potential to divide any political party and stating that the ruling PF would not be swayed from improving the lives of Zambians by opposition political parties that were not offering constructive criticism.


“You must at all times refrain from tribal politics … likewise, do not pay attention to opposition political leaders that are engaging in tribal politics because this has potential to device the country.” Mr. Chisanga said.


And PF Central Province Political Secretary, Beatrice Sikazwe implored party members in the province to be loyal to the party leadership.



Ms. Sikazwe said it was important for the PF members to be devoted to the values and principles on which the party was founded in order for the party to continue being relevant to the political dispensation of the country.



Meanwhile, Kapiri Mposhi District PF Chairman, Smart Mwila has called on the PF constituency executive committee not to relent in its party mobilization exercise stating that party mobilization was a continuous process.



The objective of the party mobilization was to strengthen all structures of the ruling party in readiness for the 2016 general elections in the district.