MMD Wrangles prevents fielding candidate for Mangango by-elections


The opposition MMD youth leadership in Kaoma district of Western Province has urged the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC ) not to field a parliamentary candidate in the forthcoming Mangango Constituency by-elections slated for August 19, 2014.

MMD district youth Chairman Kenny Ndumba says this is because the wrangles that have rocked the former ruling party at national level have made the MMD unpopular in the area.


Mr Ndumba said the MMD should instead opt to support the UPND for the Mangango parliamentary seat which fell vacant following the nullification of Taundi Chiseke’s election as area Member of Parliament.


ZANIS reports that the MMD district youth Chairman said this in an interview in Kaoma District , June 9th.


He said, at constituency level, most MMD officials have defected to the PF while at district level the officials have gone to the UPND -a clear indication that the former ruling party is losing ground in the locality.



Mr Ndumba said that a district situational analysis indicates that only the PF and UPND stand a chance of scooping the Mangango seat depending on the candidates the two parties will adopt.



He said the PF might currently be seen to be weak in the area but the ruling party may capitalise on the popularity of the candidate it is most likely to field for the Mangango parliamentary seat.



Mr Ndumba acknowledged that both the PF and UPND have made inroads in the area but said it would be prudent for the MMD to support their counterparts in the UPND if the opposition is to grab the seat.


The Supreme Court of Zambia recently  nullified the election of MMD’s Robert Taundi Chiseke as Mangango MP on account of that he was not dully elected because of electoral mal-practices.