Govt drills boreholes in cholera-prone areas

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–Government says it has embarked on a programme of constructing 86 boreholes in all the cholera prone areas across the country.

Mines, Energy and Water Development Deputy Minister, Charles Zulu, disclosed that an additional 86 boreholes will be constructed in the second phase, a move he said will help the reduce the spread of communicable diseases in the affected areas.

Mr Zulu said government is committed to ensure that all Zambians, particularly those in rural parts of the country, have access to safe drinking water.

ZANIS Reports that Mr Zulu was speaking in Lusaka today when he  commissioned the six drilling rigs which government procured at a cost K17 million.

Mr Zulu further said government is in the process of procuring an additional four drilling rigs to carter for all the ten provinces of Zambia.

And the manufacturer of the drilling rigs, Paranthan Exporters of India, said it is ready to support the Zambian government with the provision of the state of the art drilling rigs suitable for every particular terrain.

Company Managing Director, Paran Thaman, also said his company will continue to train Zambians on the correct usage of the drilling rigs for the effective implementation of ground water development in Zambia.