Chipimo blames govt for delayed maize market

Elias Chipimo, NAREP
Elias Chipimo, NAREP

Opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) president, Elias Chipimo, says Government’s delay to announce the maize floor price for the 2013-2014 maize marketing seasons has created a vacuum for farmers in the country.

And Mr Chipimo says there is potential for manipulation in the country’s agricultural sector due to governments delay to announce the
maize floor price.

Speaking shortly after a familiarization tour of Mpongwe district farming areas, Mr Chipimo stated that it is Government’s duty to announce the maize floor price so as to consolidate the maize marketing season.

“We have a situation whereby people have not been given the floor price by government and it has created a situation where there is potential for manipulation in maize marketing,” he said.

And Mr Chipimo has charged that the district still lacks numerous social amenities such as health and education.

He added that poor road infrastructure has added to the many challenges being faced in access to social services like health and education in the district.

“There are so many challenges in the district and social problems still exist such as health delivery, the roads are bad and sometimes one has to cross a river to get to another road which is dangerous,” he said.