Matibini challenged to rescind summon of opposition MPs

Dr Patrick Matibini
Dr Patrick Matibini
The Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has been challenged to rescind his alleged decision of summoning all opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) that carried out a series of protests in the last sitting of Parliament.

Information reaching Qfm news has suggested that all the opposition MPs that took part in the protests that disrupted parliamentary proceedings of the last sitting of parliament are to appear before the disciplinary committee on Monday the 9th of June.

But the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has observed that its challenge to the Speaker to rescind his decision of allegedly summoning opposition MPs is based on the fact that such a move will amount to intimidation.

YALI also regrets that such an alleged decision is also retrogressive for the country’s democracy especially in comparison to what is happening in other African countries in the Southern region.

YALI governance advisor Isaac Mwanza has told Qfm news that it is for this reason that such alleged intimidation that the Speaker is now exhibiting is unacceptable in Zambia’s democracy.

He says this is also why his organization holds the position that the alleged decision to summon opposition MPs to appear before Parliamentary disciplinary committee on Monday should be rescinded as it is taking the country backwards to a time people’s voices were silenced.

And effort to get a comment from Dr. Matibini proved futile by post time.

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  1. Parliament has it’s own rules of conduct- the Standing Orders. Any breach of these rules attracts punishment or there will be chaos in the House. The Speaker is only trying to do his job.According to the rules of Parliament, the conduct displayed by those MPs was unacceptable, if it were you as Speaker would allow such?