Zambians want constitution that respects their aspirations – Chipenzi

MacDonald Chipenzi
MacDonald Chipenzi
The Grand Coalition Campaign for a people driven Constitution says Zambians are demanding a people driven constitution which demands respecting the people’s aspirations.

Reacting to Vice President Guy Scott’s sentiments on appointing Ministers from outside Parliament, Grand Coalition Spokesperson MacDonald Chipezi in a statement issued to QFM today says Zambia, being a sovereign state has the liberty to draw aspects of the constitution from best practice experienced anywhere in the world.

Mr Chipenzi says it is not an issue of selecting a bouquet of choices but rather delivering to the Zambians what they want.

He says Dr Scot knows very well that choosing ministers from outside Parliament is what the Zambian people want and that this clause was submitted in the spirit of reinforcing the doctrine of the separation of powers among the three branches of government; provide checks and balances and enhance accountability.

Mr Chipenzi says it cannot be disputed the high likelihood that MPs not appointed as ministers would be solely accountable to their constituents while ministers appointed outside parliament would also be solely accountable to their portfolios and hence serve the people of Zambia better.

He adds that Dr Scott is aware that the current Zambian Constitution is a mixture of both the American and the British systems.

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