Practice what you preach,Pastors prodded

Suzanne Matale
Suzanne Matale
The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has counseled men of God in the country to practice what they preach in a bid to instill confidence in their flock.

CCZ President Reverend Alfred Kalembo has told QFM News in a telephone interview that it makes sad readings to learn that some men of God have reduced themselves to lower levels and taken advantage of girls by defiling them.

Reverend Kalembo says there is an urgent need for men of God to adhere to the principles that Jesus Christ demonstrated in the Bible and resist temptations of being used by the devil to put the name of the church into disrepute.

He says the church strongly condemns and does not condone men of God to be agents of Satan and do things that are not of God.

Reverend Kalembo says the Church will continue to advocate and implement the teachings of Jesus Christ unlike tolerating the devilish acts.

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