YALI urges Zambian Judges to emulate Malawian judiciary

Malawi election- Peter Mutharika wins presidential voteMalawi election- Peter Mutharika wins presidential vote
Malawi election- Peter Mutharika wins presidential vote
The Young African Leaders initiative (YALI) has urged the Zambian Judges to emulate the Malawian Judiciary when determining petitions from elections if the Zambian Judiciary is to regain the confidence of the public and stakeholders.

YALI Governance Advisor, Isaac Mwanza, has told QFM News that his organization has commended the Malawian Judiciary for expeditiously determining petitions that come before it as a way of complaints from stakeholders in the electoral process.

Mr. Mwanza has taken note of the landmark decision in the Malawi High that compelled Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to announce election results in accordance with the provisions of the Malawian Constitution and the quick interpretation of the Constitution by the Court must serve as an example to the Zambian judiciary that is struggling to deal with electoral petitions within the reasonable timeframe.

Mr. Mwanza however notes that the Zambian public including President Sata has accorded much respect to Malawian Judges because of the manner in which they dispense justice devoid of joining political battles among electoral stakeholders.

He is convinced that this could be one of the reasons why President Sata appointed the Malawian Judge Chikopa to preside over the tribunal of three senior judges in Zambia, which tribunal has not taken place due to the continued legal battle in the Zambian Courts.

Mr. Mwanza says the Zambian people and politicians have less faith in the Zambian Judiciary because of delays by Judges to dispose matters including electoral matters that come before it.

He has since called on the Zambian Judges to emulate the actions of their counterparts in Malawi by quickly determining election petitions.



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