Govt. warns against sell of artifacts cheaply

Food Bowl, Zambia, African Tribal Arts, Domestic Artifacts
Food Bowl, Zambia, African Tribal Arts, Domestic Artifacts

Government says it is concerned about the continued trend of some unscrupulous individuals who exploiting villagers in getting artifacts cheaply in North Western province.


Chiefs and traditional affairs minister Professor Nkandu Luo says her ministry was concerned on the way the province was losing artefacts of historic importance were being sold cheaply.


Professor Luo says she is saddened about individuals who are going round villages in the province enticing people to sell to them objects of historic importance for as little as K10.


ZANIS reports that the minister was speaking over-the-weekend after delivering a speech on behalf of President Michael Sata during the Kufukwila traditional ceremony of senior Mukumbi in Solwezi.


She says these individuals in turn export these artefacts to Europe and earn a lot of money in foreign currency on the items.


She says the artefacts being sold are of historic importance that government intends to bring under museums that it plans to start building in provinces.


She has since appealed to chiefs to send a message to their subjects to stop selling these objects because they are meant to preserve the history of the province that should be appreciated within the country.



The minister said the country cannot afford to lose more historic artifacts as it continues to negotiate the return of the Broken Hill Man which was taken away by colonial rulers and is being appreciated in foreign land.