Police hunt for baby snatcher

Police IG Libongani
Police IG Libongani

Police in Luanshya have launched a manhunt for a woman who allegedly stole a 2 months old baby of Mikonfwa Township on Wednesday 28th may 2014.


Copperbelt Province Police Commanding Officer Joyce Kasosa said the woman only identified as Lillian, whose residential address was not known eluded the mother of the baby and disappeared with a 2 months old baby on the morning of 28th may 2014.


Ms Kasosa explained that the incident happened after Lillian visited the mother to the baby Harriet Musenge, aged 24 of house no. B37 Mikonfwa township on 24 may 2014 and introduced herself a relative.


She told ZANIS in Luanshya today that Lillian explained correctly Harriet’ s family background to her, the situation which led to Harriet believing that she was related to the woman.

“Harriet later called her husband and introduced the woman to him as her relative before the two parted company and the lady only returned to Harriet’s house on the 28th of May 2014.” Kasosa said.


The Copperbelt commanding officer explained that the woman later visited Harriet on 28th may and asked her to escort her to Mpongwe were she was going to conduct some private business


She stated that Harriet picked her two children and accompanied the woman on a taxi, where the woman offered to help Harriet with holding her two months old baby identified as Justine Musenge, upon reaching town the woman disembarked with the baby and eluded Harriet and disappeared.


Ms. Kasosa explained that Harriet looked for the woman but that she couldn’t find her and waited for her until she decided to go home knowing that the woman was her relative and would later bring the baby home.


She added that both Harriet and her husband waited for the woman who did not show up until the next day around 16:00 hours when the couple lost hope and decided to report the matter to police.


Ms. Kasosa has since appealed to all mothers to be extra cautious with strangers handling their children even when they claim to be relations.


She further warned the Child thief and would be offenders of police action, urging them to desist from the vice as it was a serious offence and was against the law.