Black Friday Campaigners feel vindicated over removal of subsidies

Kaela Mulenga, UNZA and MacDonald Chipenzi, FODEP. Photo by FODEP
Kaela Mulenga, UNZA and MacDonald Chipenzi, FODEP. Photo by FODEP
Black Friday Campaigners say they have been vindicated over the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel by government following the rising cost of essential commodities in the country.

Chairperson MacDonald Chipenzi has told a media briefing in Lusaka today that the campaigners are happy that they have been vindicated because the concerns they had last year have come to pass and many Zambians have come to appreciate the campaign as evidenced by many institution calling for the reinstatement of the subsidies.

Mr Chipenzi says though government has failed to resolve the high cost of living, the revelation that there are no savings from the removal of subsidies exposed the alleged lies behind the action.

He says continued increase in the prices of essential commodities is a threat to the survival of majority Zambians who are living below US$1 a day and to Zambia’s robust construction industry.

Mr Chipenzi adds that the depreciation of the kwacha is of great concern to members of the Black Friday demanding for a just society and fair distribution of wealth to all Zambians.

He states that the depreciation has spurred an increase in commodity prices across the country.

Mr Chipenzi says it is important that government quickly arrests the situation before it harms the economy any further.

He has further challenged the Bank of Zambia and Ministry of Finance to tell the nation exactly what is causing this unprecedented depreciation of the Kwacha.

Meanwhile, the Black Friday Campaigners are demanding to know where the K44.2 million allocated in the 2014 budget for the constitution making process has gone, for government to maintain that there is no money.

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