Mubukwanau calls for cervical cancer screening at traditional ceremonies

Nathaniel Mubukwanu
Nathaniel Mubukwanu

North Western Province Minister, Nathaniel Mubukwanu, has urged health authorities in the province to promote cervical cancer screening services to women during traditional ceremonies.


Mr Mubukwanu said the presence of many traditional ceremonies in the province provides an opportunity for health authorities to reach more women using mobile hospitals and provide cervical cancer screening.


The Provincial Minister said this after he observed a huge number of women   attending this year’s Kufukwila traditional ceremony of senior chief Mukumbi in Solwezi.


Mr Mubukwanu said most women in the province are not aware of their cervical cancer status because they cannot access screening services due long distances to hospitals.


Mr Mubukwanu said it was imperative that health authorities start taking advantage of traditional ceremonies and begin to provide mobile cervical cancer screening services during the annual events.


He noted that the province has many traditional ceremonies and are largely attended by huge numbers of women.


North Western province has about 20 annual traditional ceremonies in the numerous chiefdoms.


The Provincial Minister has since directed his Permanent Secretary, Amos Malupenga, to work out modalities to ensure health authorities start providing cervical cancer screening during traditional ceremonies using mobile hospitals.