Amend Public Order Act – FDD

Nawakwi vows to continue with FDD meetings countrywide
Nawakwi vows to continue with FDD meetings countrywide
The opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has called on Members of Parliament to consider amending the Public Order Act as Parliament resumes sitting next month.


FDD Spokesperson, Antonio Mwanza, has told QFM News that there is urgent need to review the public order Act and its implementation in order to promote freedom of assembly in the country.

Mr. Mwanza says it is clear that in its current form, the public order Act is not advancing liberties, but is curtailing inalienable rights, which include freedom of speech, expression and freedom of assembly.

Mr. Mwanza notes that despite some amendments having been made to the public order Act to try and bring it in tune with a multiparty political dispensation, its enforcement has not changed much from what it was under the one-party state.

He has since implored parliamentarians more especially those from the opposition, to continue pressing government for the release of the final draft constitution.